In Russia, wildfires reached almost 30 thousand hectares

В России природными пожарами охвачено почти 30 тысяч гектаров

Almost 30 thousand hectares of natural fires in Russia extinguish MOE specialists and “Avialesookhrana”, reports “WORLD 24”.

Most fires now in Transbaikalia, Kurgan and Irkutsk regions.

One of the four fires raging in the Irkutsk region, threatens to destroy the special protected area of the “Sacred Baikal”.

Hundreds of plants were killed on an area of nearly five hundred acres and in the Tunka national Park. The forest erupted there due to arson during the holidays. Now, according to local media, the staff of the Park looking for the culprit. And even promised a reward of 10 thousand rubles for information about his whereabouts.

Currently, the special fire-prevention mode operates in 50 regions of the country. In four of them entered a state of emergency.