In search of a host city

À la recherche d’une ville hôtesse

Earlier this week, Matt Caldwell, the CEO of the Panthers of Florida, revealed that the NHL was planning to finish the season and compete in the playoffs in electing domicile in the four cities of the circuit.

According to him, Edmonton, Raleigh and St. Paul had been chosen, leaving the Atlantic division without a representative. (N.D.L.R. It appears that Raleigh has, subsequently, been rejected.)

Since then, other bits and pieces of information came out of some discussions with the leaders of the circuit.

According to Pierre Lebrun, The Athletic, and all the cities of the same division could very well not be able to qualify for, thus forcing their team to occur in a city of another division.

Toronto, really ?

Nevertheless, The paper has evaluated the application of the eight towns forming the executive of the Atlantic chapter. Since Edmonton, Raleigh and St. Paul is one of the smaller markets in their section and that two of these lecture halls are far from major centres, these criteria have been taken into account.

Were also considered the availability of ice cream (we’re talking about three games per day in addition to workouts), the supply of accommodation (it takes about 40 rooms per team) and the proximity of all these places.

Of course, it was essential to take account of the severity of the pandemic and the transmission of the COVID-19 in each of the markets.

According to all these criteria, Buffalo would be the most suitable to play the role of host city. However, it seems that the NHL is reluctant to this idea. The fact that the State of New York is the most affected by the COVID-19 would justify this hesitation. However, the county of Erie, where Buffalo had Friday morning, 2671 case. This is almost 2,000 less than the 4347 case of the city of Toronto, which, apparently, would be highly regarded by the monks of the NHL.

Two weights, two measures may be attributable to the fact that the NHL, Sportsnet and TSN have their offices in the Queen City. It is less crowded to move.


The city of Boston, meets very few criteria. Of course, many university courses have several facilities capable of hosting NHL games or practices. However, few of them are in close proximity to each other.

More than 46 000 cases of COVID-19 at Massachusetts (3rd State is the most affected), whose 6744 Boston

Many arenas-academic, but extended throughout the territory

Several hotels, but little in the vicinity of the TD Garden


Nothing plays for Montreal, aside from the number of rinks available and many hotels. 10 375 cases of COVID-19 identified as of April 23, are virtually the equivalent of all the confirmed cases in Ontario (12 879). Never the NHL will not take such a large risk with the health of its players.

Hot spot with more than 10 375 cases of COVID-19

+ Availability of the Centre Bell, Place Bell and the Complex Bell

+ Unlimited hosting


The Senators with their arena, located at the bottom of a field in Kanata, provide a distance advantage. In addition, the urban area of the federal capital, is inhabited by 1.4 million people (according to the census of 2018), one of the smallest towns in the circuit. Scarcely more than 1.2 million residents of the Buffalo area.

+ Far away from the major centres

+ The Sensplex (three mirrors) is located close to the Centre, Canadian Tire

The vast majority of hotels are in the city centre


In anticipation of the holding of the world junior Championships 2018, of which she was the hostess, the city of Buffalo has erected a vast complex, Harborcenter, near the KeyBank Center, the home of the Sabres. In the same vein, the city has turned a large vacant lot, located on the other side of the street, in another hotel of 102 rooms.

+ Convenience of Harborcenter (two ice-skating rinks, a multitude of locker rooms, a restaurant, a hotel of 205 rooms).

+ Experience of the world junior Championships 2018

+ Other hotels within walking distance


Located on the edge of the wildlife sanctuary of the Everglades, the BB&T Center is surrounded by the Sawgrass Mills, a huge shopping mall. In short, “there is no soul” in the corner. Along highway 595, the Renaissance on the storefront in Plantation could fill some of the needs in accommodation with its 241 guest rooms and 9 suites. The IceDen, training site of the Panthers located in Coral Springs, could meet the demand in time of ice. However, it is in the middle of nowhere.

+ Far away from the major centres

+ The training complex of the Panthers has three ice-skating rinks

Little nearby accommodation

The humidity in florida for the months of July and August


Too bad the Joe Louis Arena was demolished last fall. Despite its disuse, it would certainly have been able to troubleshoot in addition to the Little Caesars Arena. In addition to the ice rink, the new home of the Red Wings is home to an ice cream drive.

Limited availability of ice

+ Accommodation amply sufficient : The Marriott at the Renaissance Center account, on its 73-story, 1298 rooms, a multitude of meeting rooms and several restaurants


The main quality of the Amalie Arena is to be located 230 metres from two large hotels, and 600 meters is a third. Therefore, there would be no problem to house and feed the staff of eight teams. However, there are few skating rinks available in the area. The arena of training of the Lightning is in a lost corner, Brandon, 21 km to the east of Tampa.

+ Less than 500 metres from three major hotels

Little ice-skating rinks

The humidity in florida for the months of July and August


In the fall of 2016, eight training courses were fighting for the honours of the world Cup of hockey. The Scotiabank Arena, home of the Leafs, the old Maple Leafs Garden and the Coliseum and Coca-Cola, home of the Marlies of the american League, are all buildings able to accommodate tv crews. In addition, on its own, the Westin Harbour Castle, and its 977 rooms, could accommodate all the people involved near or far in the event.

+ A single hotel could accommodate everyone

+ Many arenas nearby

Area is relatively warm for the COVID-19 (4347 case).

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