In search of “pressure”: how did the impeachment of trump in the U.S. Congress

The Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry is not going to voluntarily testify in the U.S. Congress behind closed doors in the case of impeachment of Donald trump. At the same time, the Ministry said that the Minister is willing to consider an invitation to a public hearing. Informed to speak to the house of representatives refused the lawyer of the President Rudolph Giuliani and former national security Advisor John Bolton. Meanwhile, a number of officials agreed to answer questions from Congress, and, according to media reports, their testimony was not in favor of trump. However, experts believe that the Democrats started impeachment proceedings, still there is no evidence against the White house, and they try to find them bringing in more witnesses.

В поисках «давления»: как продвигается процедура импичмента Трампа в конгрессе США

Donald trump Reuters © Yuri GripasМинистр of energy of the USA Rick Perry refused to testify behind closed doors on the case concerning the impeachment of President Donald trump, the investigation of which lead in the house of representatives of the Congress of the United States. About it reported in a press-service of the head of the us Department of energy.

“If the Committee is interested in conducting a serious proceeding, he may send to the Minister an invitation to a public hearing, which will be able to go into the presence of the lawyer of the Ministry and in the eyes of the American people,” — said the press Secretary of the Ministry of energy of Salin Hines.The Agency clarifies that, in addition to Perry, on closed session of Congress was called as senior officials of the office of management and budget the White house and the US state Department.

In late September, the impeachment of the President of the United States was initiated by the speaker of the house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi. The investigation involved six committees of the lower house of the Parliament of the United States.

The occasion was a telephone conversation trump with the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky on July 25.

From the transcript of the conversation, which was published later the White house that the President asked him to conduct an investigation in respect hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, likely rival trump in the presidential election of 2020. Zelensky said that the attorney General (for the position in August was appointed Ruslan riaboshapka. — RT) will open a “new case” in September. His promise to the Ukrainian leader, in the end, not fulfilled.Pelosi claims that during the telephone talks, the head of the White house exceeded authority. In her opinion, trump asked for help to a foreign country to solve their own political problems. The speaker of the house of representatives accused the President of “betrayal” of democracy, the “threat” to national security and undermining the “honesty of elections”. Joe Biden supported Pelosi, saying that trump had violated the oath.

In late October, the charge d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor also said that trump was trying to put pressure on Zelensky. According to him, this US President gave the order to freeze the allocation of Ukraine $250 million of annual military assistance.

Meanwhile in Ukraine, said that “no pressure” from the American leader was not. About it in September, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko. On October 29 he noted that officials will not testify in Congress. He also stated that “no pressure” from the American leader was not.

“Trumped-up impeachment”

Currently within the procedure of impeachment is a challenge to U.S. officials in private meetings of committees of the house of representatives. In addition to Taylor, the questions of the congressmen said US Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Lindland, a former adviser to trump in relations with Russia, Fiona hill, Deputy assistant Secretary of state George Kent, former United States Ambassador in Kiev, Marie Yovanovitch, the former special representative of US state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker.

According to us media, the testimony of the majority of active and retired officials are negative towards the Tramp character.

В поисках «давления»: как продвигается процедура импичмента Трампа в конгрессе США

The Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry Reuters © Ints KalninsКроме Perry, testimony in Congress refused to give personal lawyer trump Rudolph Giuliani and former US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton. Evidence of Perry, according to Reuters, could seriously affect the case for impeachment.

Testified, and former senior adviser to Secretary of state Michael McKinley, who recently resigned. According to media reports, he stated that he left his post allegedly because of “frustration” caused by the dismissal of Jovanovic.

In this case the Secretary of state Mike Pompeo opposes impeachment. According to the head of the state Department, trump did not exert pressure on Zelensky. He also denied accusations against the President about freezing of military assistance to Kiev.October 8, the White house counsel Pat Cipollone wrote Congress a letter in which he stated that the investigation of the house of representatives devoid of “even the appearance of fairness and basic safeguards of justice.”

Later, the press Secretary of the White house Stephanie Grisham accused the President’s opponents that they “prefer daily to spend time on trumped-up impeachment” and not to address pressing issues in the country.

“The Democrats want to pass the verdict without giving the administration a chance to make his defence. It is unfair, unconstitutional and, in fact, not American,” she added.

Criticism of the administration trump the Democrats explain the attempt to obstruct the investigation.

RT interviewed experts noted that trump the de facto banned under the civil service persons to testify in Congress. The vast majority of officials obeyed the order of the President. Retired civil servants (e.g., Bolton) refused to March to the house of representatives because of the reluctance to recognize the legitimacy of the investigation and to play along with the Democrats, analysts say.

“The mass appearance in the house of representatives officials, including former hurt the tactics of trump, which aims to sabotage and discredit the impeachment process. In addition, the President fears that the testimony of the people related to the Ukrainian case can be interpreted the wrong way. In this regard, may fall down accusations of perjury,” said RT’s chief researcher, Institute of USA and Canada Vladimir Vasiliev.As explained by the Director of Fund of studying of the USA Franklin Roosevelt at the Moscow state University Yury Rogulev, the arrival at the meeting of the house of representatives is “voluntary”. While trump has no legal authority to prohibit the officials to testify.

“All government officials and especially the retired members of the administration trump make their own choice. Someone feels the need to speak before committees of the house of representatives, and in support of the President. However, in this case, the legitimation of impeachment that is against the interests of trump,” said Rogulev.

“To expand the evidence base”

On October 31, the house of representatives approved a resolution supporting the impeachment proceedings. The paper reported that some of the meetings will be held in the public mode. Experts believe that in the future the resolution will allow the Democrats to finally formulate the accusation against trump.

However, opponents of the President have no confidence in the success of the investigation, write the American media. For example, in an interview with Bloomberg, Pelosi lamented the “many problems” faced by the investigation, including the lack of completion of the proceedings.

В поисках «давления»: как продвигается процедура импичмента Трампа в конгрессе США

The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi Reuters © Tom Peppercat says Vasiliev, Pelosi is aware that the impeachment procedure starts to slip. So the Democrats are trying to attract more attention to the opening session of the house of representatives for journalists. According to him, the opponents trump is aware of the gaps in the legal grounds for impeachment.

“The situation remains uncertain. Democrats expect to expand the evidence base by increasing the number of interrogated. Now the case against the President is political and biased in nature. In this form, in the Senate it will certainly fall apart. The openness of the process need the Democrats to attract the American public opinion,” — says Vasilyev.Rogulev sure that the Democratic party begin to understand the futility of attempts to discredit trump in the run-up to elections. According to him, the opponents of the President practically “no evidence”. He recalled that several times Pelosi opposed the impeachment, but in the end yielded to the pressure of radical party members.

“The situation with the impeachment turned into a confrontation between the two parties. Obviously, in such circumstances, the accusation against trump will not be approved by the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans. The purpose of the investigation for the Ukrainian cause is to hurt the election campaign trump. However, the probability, as warned earlier Pelosi that in the end impeachment is hit by the Democrats,” predicts Rogulev.

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