In search of treasures: people looking for artifacts on the Volga shallow

In Tatarstan heavily shoaled Volga. And residents rushed to look at the bottom of the river the artifacts the times of the Russian Empire, reports channel “MIR 24”.

However, these dreamers here are a few. A lot more miners. People with metal detectors scour the bottom of the shallow river, hoping to find treasures of a century ago. Until the mid-twentieth century on this place there was a paved path. And during the Civil war it was allegedly carrying bags of gold. However, while the findings of citizens only, ancient coins and household items. Officials threaten to unauthorized searchers fines, fearing that they will violate the cultural layer.

The water level in the Volga river near Kazan reached a historic low. The cause of the shoaling referred to as discharge of water with the aim of preserving valuable fish species.

The problem with depth has arisen in Soviet period. After the construction of the Gorky hydroelectric station (now Nizhny Novgorod it) streams of water began to change the bottom segment of the channel downstream.