In Sheremetyevo, people lined up in huge queues at the check-in counters

В Шереметьеве люди выстроились в огромные очереди у стоек регистрации

Moscow Sheremetyevo airport has problems with baggage handling. At check-in counters formed a huge queue, according to AGN “Moscow”.

Representatives of the air Harbor told that the inconvenience attributable to the accumulation of baggage due to unfavorable weather conditions that occurred on Friday and Saturday. Then scheduled passengers Shuttle docking did not take place. About 1.5 thousand pieces of Luggage are delivered to their destinations.

June 28, had almost a third of June’s rainfall. On the roads of the capital formed huge puddles. In Moscow the movement of vehicles was difficult. The most difficult situation was in the entrance to the airport Sheremetyevo.