In Sicily woke up mount Etna

На Сицилии проснулся вулкан Этна

The new increased activity of mount Etna, recorded on Friday, the specialists of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Italy.

Special cameras Ingv installed in the upper part of the North-Eastern slope of mount Etna, recorded the eruption of a volcano 06.30 (07.30 GMT). This time it was characterized by small explosions and a powerful emission of volcanic ash. The columns of grey smoke now visible on Etna.

Volcanologists of the Ingv center of the Sicilian assess the situation as relatively calm. However, emissions of volcanic ash have led to a partial closure of airspace over Catania.

The administration of the international airport of Catania issued a decree according to which in an hour will be made only four flights. The departure of the aircraft from the airport is not restricted and will be done according to schedule, but in this situation it is highly likely delays.

Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe. At this she woke up on July 14. Then the eruption of the so-called “new crater”, located in the upper part of the South-Eastern slope of mount Etna, accompanied by the ejection of hot lava, volcanic ash and fluctuations in the earth’s surface average power. Since then, volcanologists have recorded a few less violent eruptions.

In June 2013 mount Etna was added to the list of world heritage of UNESCO. In March 2017 during the next volcanic eruption in Sicily was wounded ten people.

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