In Simferopol, the pensioner got into a fight with a flight attendant

В Симферополе пенсионерка подралась с бортпроводником

An elderly woman, flying flight Moscow – Simferopol, scandal on Board the aircraft. She, being in an alcohol intoxication, during landing of the liner did not wish to buckle up and joined the fight with the steward, informs “Evening Moscow”.

Avialability was the passenger in 1954. The woman during the flight violated public order and ignored the comments of the crew.

The situation worsened during landing. The woman headed for the exit, when according to the regulations, this was impossible to do. The crew asked the passenger to return to his seat, but was met with aggressive and ended in a brawl. Flight attendants after landing I had to call the police.

A day earlier, a similar incident occurred in Novosibirsk. This time the “distinguished” man. Before the flight he had been drinking, and before planting, first insulted the passengers, and then passed from words to fists and attacked the crew.