In some cases, it is possible to part friends

В каких случаях возможно расстаться друзьями

You were happy together and swore each other eternal love, but eventually broke up: a scenario familiar to each. Someone immediately after completing searches through all contacts and communication, and someone says the sacramental phrase: “let’s just be friends”. Rambler says, in some cases, such friendship is possible and makes sense.Say at once: the friendship between a man and a woman — in principle, the process is fairly complex. It is possible, when two people of different sexes to each other not attracted to, have a relationship and/or sexual orientation is not the same.Needless to say about the friendship between a man and a woman who felt each other’s feelings? It is necessary, but it is important to note that the extent of your openness with each other in the case of a decision to continue interaction will not be quite simple. For example, with a friend, you can discuss your new or potential partner: to talk about a new relationship with your ex is very risky and it is strange — I can make it hurt and to provoke a quarrel. So just need to adjust yourself to the fact that it would be unusual friendship.If the former partners are forced to cross every day, in this case, friendship is possible. Usually this is due to the overall company, because they can’t sever relations completely: all the same will overlap. A friendship would be correct to call it “socializing”.If the guy and girl didn’t have feelings to each other, and they both burned to the ground, the pair became during the relationship is very close, in this case, the friendship is also possible. When the name of a former partner does not cause any feelings (anger, anger, love, resentment, pity) is the way to success and possible friendly relationship. Important “but” — it must test both partners.If you have children, and in this case, friendship is possible. But we are talking about maintaining human relationships, not about trying to glue a broken relationship in the name of the children: the second case is the way vnikuda. If both partners have discussed and decided to leave, but at the same time not to injure the child’s psyche, eternal quarrels and insults during joint meetings, it is a chance to build relationships in the process of such interaction.

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