In southwest China earthquake, injured 18 people

На юго-западе Китая произошло землетрясение, пострадали 18 человек

The earthquake of magnitude 5.2, which occurred yesterday morning in southwest China in the County Tszjan Sichuan province, injured 18 people, five of whom are in critical condition.

About it reports “Xinhua”.

All the victims were taken to hospital, search and rescue operations completed. About it reported in Management of emergency Neijiang city, which is subordinate to the administrative district Tszjan.

More than 2.4 thousand people were affected by the earthquake, a total of 780 homes were damaged or destroyed.

Power used more than 6 thousand rescuers. Hundreds of quilts and quilted coat were sent to the disaster area. The power supply is restored, resumed its work three mobile base stations that were damaged.

“After analyzing the geological structure and formation mechanism of the fault, seismologists have pointed out that a stronger earthquake is unlikely to happen in the coming days”, – stated in the message.

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