In Spain, prostitutes, abandoned to their fate in the full pandemic

Evelyn, Alenca, Beyoncé prostitution in a club, in apartment and in the street, in Spain, when the epidemic of coronavirus has exacerbated the precariousness of their situation of “sex workers” without legal status.

“The owners of clubs in Spain, those who were able, threw the girls in the street” from the beginning of the containment mid-march, notes, bitterly, Evelyn Rociel, Colombian 35 years old, the only one to agree to testify under his real name.

Spain, where prostitution is neither legal nor illegal, it’s home to countless brothels, including at the border with France in the north-east, where the prostitution of foreign women, very often under the influence of criminal networks.

Housed in a room of a house password of Madrid, Evelyn y paid 2100 euros per month, “the right to work” as a prostitute, she said.

The facility had 15 girls, mostly south american. Almost all of them are parties. Most of the women are even returned to their countries, ” she says.

It has not been hunted for its part, but denounces that he had kept a little as a ” for humanitarian, and not as an employee of an establishment that deserves to have a place to live “. “The argument of our bosses, it is that we pay 2100 euros for the room, such as a rent. Lie! It is the right to work that I pay for ” usually, she says.

If she punctuates her sentences and ” mi amor “, Evelyn is an activist and seasoned, able to be recognized last year by the justice that “a working relationship” had long been united to one of the most famous brothels in the region.

She is a member of the Organization of sex workers Otras born in 2018, the union not recognized in the country of which the left-wing government advocates the abolition of prostitution.

Evelyn denounces a paradox, “mind-blowing” : “the owners of big clubs are legally binding plans for part-time unemployment for all their employees under contract – cleaning ladies, security guards, etc – but may at the same time throw it in the street prostitutes “.

During the containment, says Evelyn, ” those who can work through ads on internet have done so illegally “, at the risk of being contaminated, in their room or at the client’s home. She is even planning to resume it this way because it was a ” dependant “.

“Too exposed” in front of the webcam

Arrived in October in Mexico, Alenca said to have fled the violence against the transsexual in his country.

When she was almost knocked out of her apartment, on the first rent not paid in April, she received a Otras legal support, as well as food aid.

At the beginning of the epidemic, she was just beginning to receive clients at her home in Madrid. Now, she is applying make-up carefully and puts on a wig before going on video calls.

“I don’t like it, I feel too exposed,” she said. There are people who can record these sessions, and I do not want these pictures out because I aspire to change lives “.

“Not even recognized as” whores “

Beyoncé, trans is from ecuador, 34 years old, served usually in a street of the industrial area of Villaverde – an epicenter of prostitution in Madrid – directly in the car of the men who stop.

“I had to stop working on Friday (13 march) before containment. There only remained those who were forced out to pay for food, costs. In the past weeks, already, there were already almost more customers, ” said she.

“We are not recognized as victims, not as worker or even as “whores” in Spain, regretted the activist of the feminist Association of sex workers (Afemtras), which even before the epidemic, demanded in the industrial zone, a place for girls, with toilets, showers and rubbish bins.

When she will be back in the street, Beyoncé ensures that it will take precautions against the virus : “Even if I don’t know yet how I will do… “

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