In Spain, tourists are forbidden to ride on donkeys

В Испании туристам запретят кататься на ослах

In Barcelona, the popular Spanish resort, located a twenty minute drive from málaga, tourists weighing more than 80 kilograms were forbidden to ride on donkeys, reports the Daily Mail.Local authorities plan to hold a series of public consultations and to introduce this rule from 1 January 2020. There will also be tightened veterinary control and check the cleanliness at stops and in the stables.City hall announced the changes after an agreement was reached with the owners of donkeys, their drivers and local animal welfare organizations.They have a lot of complain about how to treat donkeys — an important tourist attraction of this place. So, in December 2014, one animal died after it sat a tourist weighing nearly 150 pounds.Mijas is one of the most beautiful towns on the Costa del Sol. It is also called “the capital of the donkey taxi”.The Spanish political party PACMA, fighting for animal rights, actively opposed such shipments, claiming that donkeys are injured and ill due to daily use.

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