In spite of gas and colic: in one day it is possible to prepare truly healthful yogurt

Назло газам и коликам: всего за день можно приготовить по-настоящему целебную простоквашу

In this article, we will discuss the recipe is extremely useful product, allows you to maintain the beauty and health to its proper level. Especially pay attention to the material to those who are facing or have faced previously with digestive problems and high blood pressure.

What product medical

You may wonder why not just to see once again the usefulness of my grandmother’s recipes. We are talking about the yogurt! The only difference is that now the fermented milk product can be purchased at any store or easily made at home.+

The benefits of yogurt is that it is able in a short period of time to restore the microflora. Everything else many dietitians product is recognized as low-calorie and suitable for consumption even during strict diets.+

How to cook healthful yogurt

First of all, you will need to prepare 1 litre of milk (about 800-900 ml) and 2 tablespoons of sour cream. Milk is poured into a convenient bowl, and heated to boiling. After another case in the milk and added sour cream. Even better would be if the feedstock is home, that is of natural origin.+

Mix components, the dishes will have to be covered with a thick cloth and put in a warm place for 15-20 hours. Ready yogurt can be eaten with bread or a loaf of bread when you want it, also yogurt can be added to baked goods.+

In order to make the product palatable, it is possible to use a mixer. You can also try a bit of sugar grains bread! Bon appetit!+

The best all new – well forgotten old… And also the best. Hurry up to appreciate the incredible taste and feel the benefits of yogurt!

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