In spite of the rumors Vera Brezhneva publishes romantic shots with her husband

The other day 36-year-old Vera Brezhneva has laid out photos with the 55-year-old husband Konstantin Meladze, once again proving to fans that their family reigns idyll.

Vera Brezhneva is one of those stars who prefer not to share with the public the details of his personal life. That’s why the singer is very rarely publishes joint photos with Konstantin Meladze, whom she was married for three years.

Not so long ago a celebrity for a long time off for a vacation in Italy together with his family, only the spouse did not join in. Internet users immediately concluded that that the family of Brezhnev and Meladze problems. Recently the singer has denied the rumors and instagram story posted frame with the producer. The picture shows the Faith and Constantine are at home and obviously happy to be there.

Subscribers Brezhnev has repeatedly asked her to publish more photos with her husband. Nevertheless a celebrity this is not in a hurry. Moreover, it is possible to find some joint staff people in love and the activities they prefer to appear separately.


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