In St. Petersburg came one of the most famous clowns in the world

PHOTO : TASS / Kovalev Peter


One of the most famous clowns of the world David Larible arrived in St. Petersburg with his new show, reports “WORLD 24”.

The presentation is called “the Clown of clowns”. The audience will find funny and at the same time, and touching play about a man who dreamed of the big stage, and his dream came true.

“It’s not my personal story. In my life there was a lot of travelling, and often I have seen people who have talent but no opportunity to show it, to implement. This show I dedicate to these people. This show is not only funny, but also touching. People will be happy, will cry. I like it because the clown needs to Wake up all human emotions,” said David Larible.

The style, which features an Italian clown, is a mixture of improvisation, spontaneity, and classic clowning. The main highlight of the show Larible: he actively involves the audience. The tour will continue until June 19.