In St. Petersburg gaining popularity of the Korean culture


Korean culture on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. In St. Petersburg gaining popularity of cuisine, music and language of this country. Why, found out the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Evgeny Bulatov.

A traditional dance with drums – indobokep – a favorite pastime of Korean girls. In the cultural center classes are held almost every day. From interested persons there is no release. One turns to dancing, learning to play the drums.

“Everything depends on the desire, if you like, you can quickly master the drums,” – said the artistic Director of the Korean Youth cultural-educational Center of NAS Michael Komalev.

In the center of two of the creative team. The repertoire includes several musical numbers. Artists are invited to city holidays. Among the participants, both Koreans and Russians. For most it all began with the interest in national culture and language.

“It was an inner feeling that I needed to understand their roots, to learn the culture, customs,” – said the participant of the creative team of traditional Korean music and dance “Hannuri” Tatiana kogai.

Here courses Tatiana met her future husband, Michael. Parents are against mixed marriage didn’t mind.

Vladimir Dugi came to St. Petersburg eight years ago. Got a job in a restaurant. Says, even then the knife in his hands I couldn’t keep. He is now a chef. Try it original capcha come from all over the city.

“Visitors and in Korea this dish, but cook it for the holidays. There’s a lot of ingredients all chopped”, – said Vladimir Dugy.

Based on the Asian dishes – rice, noodles, vegetables and lots of pepper. So for Russians, they have to adapt. Carrots in Korean – the most famous Russian appetizer – really has no relation to traditional Korean cuisine. It was invented by natives of “the Country of morning freshness” in the Soviet years. The fact that the carrot is one of the cheapest and affordable products.

Korean food, music, and language today in St. Petersburg at the peak of popularity. Get to know them on the festivals of national culture.