In St. Petersburg starts a festival of tulips

In Saint-Petersburg in Tspkio a name of Kirov will host the seventh festival of tulips. The visitors will see 120 varieties of tulips, 16 of which have not previously landed in the Park, writes RIA “Novosti”.

This year for the festival planted 175 thousand bulbs of tulips, and flower gardens the Park has increased to 4 thousand square meters. Visitors can see the famous black Tulip, as well as four new varieties of the Tulip-chameleon, that changes its color during flowering.

All flower beds will be dedicated to countries where Tulip left its mark in culture, art and history.

“Each of this year’s flower beds created in the colors or motives different Tulip countries. You will be able to visit Persia and Turkey – from where began the way of tulips in the world. France, the Austrian Empire and the German Principality, which contributed to the spread of Tulip. Holland different eras – the country that made the Tulip a part of their culture and became its second home,” – said the organizers.

The festival will also host a professional contest at the floral design.