In Stavropol has passed the international pyrotechnic festival



Best fireworks around the world gathered in Stavropol Krai. At the festival, teams from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Spain and Bulgaria. Each with experience in organizing large-scale fireworks show, including at the Olympic games. That showed this time, tells the correspondent of “MIR 24” red of Ulubaev.

Over essentuksky the airfield in these days of bad conditions. Up in the air is dangerous to life. Pilots are at risk to meet with gunpowder charge. The sky over the city these days at the disposal of pyrotechnics.

In fifteen minutes, the team needs to show the best of the workpiece. Preparation of saluting guns and fireworks started in a few days. It was necessary to charge a special pyrotechnic system to associate each shot with a network of wires. The representative of the Bulgarian team, said that twice the same statement is not repeated.

“Still using pyrotechnics conveys the emotions of people, the audience. Is it possible to watch only one movie?” says the pyrotechnics Triandafil Angels Traikov.

In the professional language of the pyrotechnics these pipes are called Martyr. They set the direction of the shot. The caliber of these martir it is possible to determine at what height will rise to the charge. The smallest raise of fireworks to a height of 75 meters. And the large, 150-millimeter Martyr will raise the charge to a height of 150 meters.

Your skills show team Spain, Bulgaria and China. The latter saluted at the opening of the Beijing games in 2008.

“China is undoubtedly the leader of the pyrotechnic industry. Because China accounts for the largest number of factories for the production of pyrotechnics, which comes in all countries of the world at very competitive prices,” says pyrotechnics from China Hone jhang.

In administration of Stavropol territory intend to make pyrotechnic festival is an annual event. Expect to attract to the Caucasian Mineral waters even more tourists.

“Harmony of sound, light, effects, creates a euphoric feeling and therefore emotion is an indescribable work. A different effect, such a level and scale we have here was not”, – says the spectator Daniel Gusev.

Just to see the fireworks with their eyes in the Essentuki airfield was attended by about 100 thousand viewers. The inhabitants of several neighboring towns could see the fireworks from the comfort of homes.