In Sudan, dismissed the party of Bashir and abolished the strict laws for women

В Судане распустили партию Башира и отменили строгие законы для женщин

These two measures were a response to the demands of the protest movement, which had deposed Bashir in April
The Sudanese transitional government Thursday approved the law on the dissolution of the former ruling party “national Congress” and repeal the public order act, which regulated the behavior of women during the time of ex-President Omar al-Bashir. This was announced by the Minister of justice Nasrudin Abdelbari, according to Reuters.

“The law on the dissolution of the national Congress party of Bashir also allows you to confiscate her assets,” said Abdelbari.

In addition, was cancelled when Bashir accepted the public order act for the introduction of conservative Islamic social codes, women were limited in the clothing, movements, associations, work and study. If a woman wore pants or leave the hair not covered in public places, or talked to men who were not her relatives, she could be punished by flogging.

Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok said that the dissolution of the party Bashir is not an act of vengeance, but a measure aimed at maintaining “the dignity of the Sudanese people”. The public order act he called “an instrument of exploitation, humiliation, violations, aggression against rights of citizens.”

These decisions of the authorities was a response to the demands of the protest movement that overthrew Bashir in April.

The government Hamaoka was formed in September after an agreement on power-sharing between anti-bashinskij groups and the transitional military Council that ruled the country immediately after the overthrow of Bashir. The temporal power should rule more than three years before the election.

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