In Sweden decided to resume against Assange rape case

PHOTO : PA ImagesTASS / Victoria Jones


The Swedish prosecution authority decided to resume the criminal case against the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange, reports “WORLD 24”.

He is accused of rape and sexual harassment. However, the case was dismissed.

“New circumstances make us reconsider the previous decision. For this reason, and also because of the deprivation of liberty, Assange’s UK lawyer of the dissatisfied party asked for re-investigation of rape,” – said the Deputy Prosecutor General of Sweden Eva-Marie Persson.

In 2010, Assange fled from Stockholm to London. Since 2012 he lived in the Embassy of Ecuador until April 11, it was not given to the British police. Now Assange is serving a one-year prison sentence for violation of judicial rules. Sweden now requires the UK to extradite Assange. The founder of WikiLeaks guilty and denies the charges. He fears that after extradition the Swedish authorities in Stockholm extradite him to the US. There for publishing classified diplomatic and military documents he faces the death penalty.