In Sweden for tourists, started its work on hotel made of ice

В Швеции для туристов начал свою работу отель изо льда

Hotel Icehotel in the Swedish part of Lapland pitch every year anew.
Icehotel is a cosy ice hotel, located near the small village of jukkasjärvi in the Swedish part of Lapland. Every year she creates from scratch, and this year the hotel celebrates its 30th anniversary. In honor of this solemn event, the designers of this building have recreated a completely new design for each room, and built a viewing platform of ice.

The entire hotel, furniture and everything in it is created from snow and ice taken from the Torne älv. The hotel welcomes guests from December to April, that is only in season.

His story takes a unique hotel in 1989, when Japanese artists have created an exhibition of ice art in the area, which came to see a lot of people, including from other countries. Then its success was repeated in spring 1990, French artist Jean Deri, who there organized an exhibition in a cylindrical needle.

One night in the village was not a place to stay in local hotels and visitors asked to stay the night in the exhibition hall. Using sleeping bags of reindeer skin they spent the night there. Since they are the first guests of the hotel.

By the way, this year, the first guests checked in to this hotel on 13 December. The room price for one person ranges from 162 euros per night depending on amenities.

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