In Sweden found ancient ancestors of the Vikings

В Швеции найдены древнейшие предки викингов

Scientists have found in Sweden is the DNA of the people who first settled in Scandinavia 10 thousand years ago. The ancestors of the other Scandinavian peoples, including the Vikings, informs .

Genetic material specialists found in ancient chewing gum made of birch bark. The samples they got during the excavations in the Parking lot of hunters early Mesolithic Huseby-Biting on the West coast of Sweden.

The results showed that living in this area people were genetically close to other hunter-gatherers in Sweden, and earlier Mesolithic populations, which lived in Europe during the last glaciation. And here was found at the scene of the tools originally appeared on the territory of modern Russia.

Earlier it was reported that the sunken ship Viking, will reveal the secrets of medieval Europe. It was discovered during construction works in the German port of Wismar. The wreck lay at a depth of only 10 feet (about three meters).