In Syria killed a famous participant of the “Islamic state” — The Times

2017-10-12 12:36

In Syria killed a famous participant of the “Islamic state” — The Times
As a result of U.S. drone strike in Syria killed a member of the group “Islamic state” 50-year-old Sally Jones, also known as the “White widow”.

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Information about the CIA gave the UK, reports The Times, citing a source in the British government.

The publication calls it the most wanted British terrorist.

The CIA reported that “White widow” killed in June. However, confirm this at 100% is impossible, because DNA analysis was not carried out, said the source. The U.S. side noted that Jones was killed after he tried to flee the city of raqqa, surrounded by Kurdish forces. The Daily Mail reports that she was stopped by 12-year-old son, he wanted to run with her. It is likely that he was also killed, writes The Times.

Sally Jones was a British punk band Krunch. In 2013, the year she ran away to Syria with her boyfriend, the hacker Junaid Hussain. He decided to join the “Islamic state”. In 2015, the year he was killed and then Sally Jones was given the nickname “White widow.”

The woman promoted in social networks the ideas of ID, advocated mass executions, and encouraged to become suicide bombers.

“White widow” became the head of women’s wing “Anwar al Awlaki”. It is noted that the group were preparing a series of terrorist attacks in Western countries. According to Daily Mail, Sally Jones managed to recruit dozens of women.

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