In Tajikistan celebrate the 150th anniversary of the famous orientalist Vasily Bartold

PHOTO : Public domain


In Tajikistan celebrate 150 years since the birth of one of the founders of the Russian school of Oriental studies. In Dushanbe hosted the international conference dedicated to the anniversary of historian Vasily Bartold.

“One of the most famous works by Vasily Vladimirovich – the book “Tajiks”, which he wrote in 1925. This is the first product in the entire history of the country under the same name. Such scientists as Bartold, it was proved that Tajiks are members of one of the oldest Nations of Central Asia, settled people with a rich history,” said the doctor of historical Sciences Nies Mirzoyev.

The book of the historian “Tajiks” and other works on Oriental studies discussed, several dozen modern scholars from Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Germany. The participants of the conference noted that Vasily Bartold has made a great contribution to the study of the people of the East and of Muslim culture.