In Tal strikout pracaviki Aeroporto, Maglev of strimko rasv

В Італії страйкують працівники аеропортів, можливі затримки рейсів

Pasaieru zaklikali perevireni the status of the flight before pozdraw steriti for obnovlennyi.

In Tal on today, 25 Zhovtnya 2019 the rock, ogoloshennya national strike staff aeroportu.

Of in particular, the low-cost carrier Wizz Air on their storms from Facebook vzhe podomi, using TSE scho sogodni push stroke of the day mozhut vinicity of strimko Chi SBO on flights to/z Cal. Wherein in avakompas zaklikaet Pasaieru perevireni the status of the flight before pozdraw, uwase of stiite for obnovlennyi on display in airports, on sites avatarist, and also castle perevireni SMS TA/ABO elektronno why. Saznajemo, push stroke ostanni click days in Ukraine, in particular the I in CIV through strong fog spottergijs SBO in robot aeroportu. For example, in the capital Aeroport “Kyiv” vzhe sogodni Bulo skasovano about Satriano be called a few more avaras, including z/to Tal.

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