In Tbilisi mass protests began because of the failure of electoral reform

В Тбилиси начались массовые протесты из-за провала избирательной реформы

Activists and the opposition have blocked part of the Rustaveli Avenue.

In the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi mass protests began after the Parliament failed to adopt amendments to the Constitution about the transition from a mixed electoral system to proportional.

It is reported by the Ekho Kavkaza.

Members of the movement “a Shame”, civil society activists and representatives of opposition parties blocked the roadway Rustaveli Avenue, staging a sit-in.

Protesters call on people to come to Parliament to Express their attitude to the past at today’s plenary session vote on the constitutional amendments.

Ruling party Georgian dream” after the protests on June 20-21, promised to amend the country’s Constitution and go to a proportional system of elections.

Earlier today the parliamentary majority presented a bill on the transition to a proportional electoral system has not received the required number of votes.

Constitutional changes in the course of open voting has the support of 101 deputies, three opposed. For decision had 113 votes.

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