In Tbilisi, opened a large wedding festival

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Marina Dykun


How to prepare for marriage? This question was answered today in Tbilisi. There opened a great wedding festival. To bouquets, cakes and wedding dresses looked the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Diana Iosseliani.

Play not a March by Mendelssohn, but this is not the wedding ceremony, but a demonstration of how it can and should be organized. It all starts with flowers and colorful decorations. To sign in the Registrar’s office is no longer fashionable.

“Painted in the gardens, the vineyards, in the forest. This is a very colorful and romantic. So are the special bright decorations. Suitable flowers, petals. We even create a suspended, floating in the air the scenery. Very romantic,” – said the participant of the festival Niya Modzmanashvili.

Romantic florists – fancy confectioners. Gone are the days when the night before the wedding, the bride’s relatives whipped cream, baked cakes and biscuits for the wedding cake. It is ready to take on the professionals. The hit of the season, a multi – storey cake in the style of “high-tech”.

“This is a very spectacular and visually appealing work. The cake glows, spins around its axis. Imagine, when in a Banquet hall, bring a dish, turn out the lights, and suddenly a magical glow cake”, – said the Manager of the confectionery company Nino Zekalashvili.

Diamonds are a girls best friend, and brides especially. But large obtrusive ornaments, according to stylists, it looks vulgar. Therefore, they prefer a placer of shiny stones on wedding dresses.

From three to five pounds is the average weight of a wedding dress. And in this armor, the bride will have to spend the whole day. Popular light, airy models in which you can easily dance. Lovers of vintage style can choose traditional Georgian outfits, and then the wedding of the 21st century will turn into a fabulous story of true love.

A couple of Commonwealth countries to come to Georgia to get married. They are attracted by the traditional cuisine, Georgian wine and hospitality.