In Texas, bars are taking all the precautions to accommodate their customers

Au Texas, les bars prennent toutes les précautions pour accueillir leurs clients

Houston | bars have started to reopen their doors Friday with great care in Texas, largest State in the Southern United States, where more than 52 000 cases of novel coronavirus have been identified.

Texas governor Greg Abbott has authorized bars, craft breweries and other wine tasting rooms to resume their activities, provided they do not accommodate a quarter of their capacity in the usual way.

“I try to do the best that I can,” says Chris Morris, sitting at a table with Eight Row Flint, a trendy bar heights of Houston. “I try to stay away as much as possible, but it takes advantage sometimes,” he smiles, sipping a can of alcohol sparkling fruit-flavoured.

Two months after the closure of its seven restaurants, the co-owner of Eight Row Flint, Morgan Weber, is relieved to re-open its doors.

It took the party to close the counter of the bar, and to limit the number of tables and chairs available. His team has disposed of the small bottles of hydroalcoholic gel on each table and distributes more than disposable cutlery.

“For people who are willing to come out (…) we want to do everything we can to ensure that they are as safe as possible,” he explains.

Decks black world

This does not prevent the two terraces to be black of the world around 19 h, mainly groups of thirty-somethings.

But “it is well spaced out, it does not claustrophobic as usual,” notes Chris Morris, who believes that the place is much less crowded than usual.

Other bars play, on the contrary, the map of confidentiality, such as the Cottonmouth Club of Houston, a cocktail bar hidden behind a black door where you can now enter that on the reservation.

As Eight Row Flint, the zinc has been closed. The customers are spaced apart by stools and are asked to disinfect their hands at the entrance.

Blair Truesdell, who is a regular customer, is pleased by the reception it received. It was directed to his seat where a small card with his name was waiting, and she chose her cocktail after that he was sent the menu via text message.

“This is the new experience bar”, enjoying it, enjoying the music and atmosphere while avoiding “a restaurant where there are tons of people and where no one wears a mask”.

Despite the progressive reopening of the economy, the cases of contamination continue to increase in Texas. According to the authorities, at least 52 of 268 people tested positive for the virus, SARS-CoV-2 and 1440 are dead.

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