In Thailand filmed a UFO inside a strange red cloud

В Таиланде засняли НЛО внутри странного красного облака

On camera witnesses from Thailand got an unidentified flying object that emitted from the strange red cloud, reports

Video of a UFO appeared in the media about a week ago. It is known that the incident occurred at night in Phuket.

Despite the fact that the night sky was clear, it formed a mysterious red cloud that was spewing lightning. From it at high speed flying object of unknown form and origin.

UFO quickly spread through the cloud and for a few seconds disappeared from the lenses, but soon returned to the thundercloud and not flying.

The video provoked a stir on the Internet. Many users have suggested that the object was of extraterrestrial origin, others were of the view that it is a rare ball lightning. Skeptics argued that he was nothing but a defect in the camera.