In the area of the red square will cover traffic

В районе Красной площади перекроют движение транспорта

On Friday, may 24, will be closed to traffic in the area of the red square in connection with the Day of Slavic writing and culture, the information center of the transport complex of the capital.

The traffic will be closed at the site of red square from the street Ilyinka, street the barbarian. Full coverage will be valid from 8 to 15 hours in the area of the street Ilyinka from red square to the Old town square.

The day of Slavic writing and culture (Day of saints Cyril and Methodius) is celebrated every year on may 24 in Russia and some other countries. This national and Church holiday was established in honor of the educators and preachers of Christianity, equal to the apostles saints Cyril and Methodius.