In the Belgorod region will give a mortgage at 1%

В Белгородской области выдадут ипотеку под 1%

In the Belgorod region started a programme aimed at preserving endangered villages. Young families can get a mortgage for three million rubles at an unprecedented favorable conditions, reports “Russian newspaper”.

In order to become a member, you need to build a house. In the first three years the loan is for the borrowers will be free, upon expiration, will operate the rate of one percent per annum.

However, there are ways to speed up the process of paying mortgage. For the birth of each child of the debt be subtracted million. Thus, the appearance in the family of three children will forget about the existence of the loan.

Funds for the program will receive the Belgorod regional Fund of support of individual housing construction. In favorable conditions may qualify a youth for at least a year living on the territory of the region with a job and a steady income.

Prior to that, in the Italian town of Sambuca di Sicilia 16 abandoned buildings found their owners. It is noteworthy that the house was sold for a symbolic fee of one Euro.