In the Bundestag called upon to protect “Nord stream — 2” from U.S. sanctions

The Bundestag urged to take measures to protect the project “Nord stream — 2” from U.S. sanctions. This is stated in the appeal of the party “Alternative for Germany” to the Federal government.

В бундестаге призвали защитить «Северный поток — 2» от санкций США

RIA Novosti”the German Bundestag calls upon the German government to take all necessary counter-measures to protect against U.S. sanctions on European companies involved in the project “Northern stream — 2”, — the document says.

In addition, members urge the German authorities with possible negative consequences of sanctions in respect of project to provide funding from the development Bank of Germany, to avoid increased costs and project delays.

Also in the appeal of the parliamentarians asked the government to protect themselves from political pressure of the United States.

“For US it is not about the other than about their economic and financial interests. They want aggressive methods to impose their expensive and questionable in terms ecopolitical gas produced by the method of fracking, Germany and Europe. This policy does not meet the market economy and competition sought by the United States, and constitutes an unacceptable act of aggression. The German government must be protected from political pressure of the USA”, — emphasized in “ADG”.

Earlier, the state Department called “Nord stream — 2” threat to U.S. priorities.

October 29 in the U.S. Congress once again proposed to impose sanctions in respect of pipe-laying vessels and foreign entities that play a key role in the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”.

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