In the canyon, the United States found a Spanish coin 200 years older than Columbus

В каньоне США нашли испанскую монету на 200 лет старше Колумба

In the United States have found coins, which made a “time travel”.

Products Spanish coinage was made several centuries before Columbus reached the shores of the New world.

Interestingly, found rare artifacts accidentally. A hiker stumbled upon them while Hiking in a national Park Glen Canyon in Utah, according to

“What is our life? Game!”В каньоне США нашли испанскую монету на 200 лет старше Колумба“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” Studies have shown that one of the coins was made in Madrid in 1660-ies, during the reign of Philip V. Judging by the design, it maravedi – the coin in the image of the gold Arabic Dinar that circulated in Spain and Portugal.

The second was even more ancient – it took from the mid-to late thirteenth century.

The results are somewhat puzzling experts because, as you know, the Europeans did not set foot on American soil before 1492.

And Glen Canyon, according to official figures, they have reached not earlier than 1776 (the expedition of father Atanasio Dominguez and father Silvestre Velez de Escalante), but went away from the places of discovery of coins.

Historians have advanced several theories. According to one, the Spaniards could reach the ancestral Indian lands a hundred years earlier than previously thought. They have sold coins to the local tribes. But on this expedition there is no documentary evidence.

“It would be great to see such a link between early Spaniards and native Americans at the time,” said the study authors.

The second theory is quite prosaic: it is possible that the tourists had brought the coins to America much later than the events and just lost them in a canyon.

Scientists will continue to study the artifacts in order to precisely establish their age, and explore the area where they were found.

Earlier it was reported that four people in the UK found a hoard of coins of the XIV century.