In the capital of Nigeria, burned down the largest and most famous market

В столице Нигерии сгорел самый крупный и известный рынок

A major fire occurred in the largest city of Africa. In Lagos is the capital of Nigeria – yesterday is burning market. Balogun is one of the largest and most famous markets on the continent. There to buy clothes, shoes and colourful Nigerian fabric. The fire happened on the top floors of flats, shopping complex. And from there the flames spread to the tents. To approach the center of the fire firefighters could not around the building there are numerous vending stalls. On victims the Nigerian authorities have not yet reported.

The fires this year terrorize the world with great force. So earlier news, the “Today” reported that in Japan burned Shuri castle, included in UNESCO’s world heritage list. The cause of the fire is not yet known. There were 30 firefighters. The fire was extinguished after 11 hours.

Also recently, a tragedy on a national scale has happened in Australia where burned to death 350 koalas. Animals died in the fire in the forest in the East of the country near the city of Port Makkori. Environmentalists say there lived the majority of koalas in the region.