In the capital, prepare the facial recognition system

The system is designed for quick search of criminal entities.

У столиці готують систему розпізнавання осіб

Kiev KP “Informatics” has been testing the system Kyiv Smart Safe City that is able to analyze and recognize the person depicted in the video. The system is designed for quick search of criminal persons, is spoken in the message of the enterprise, informs Rus.Media.

“In terms of the scale of the video system in pilot mode has launched a new analytical face recognition module”, – stated in the message.

Testing takes place on the overview cameras located among large concentrations of people in kindergartens, schools, metro, hospitals and the like.

The principle of operation of the following: use the cameras the identikit of the offender, the system analyzes the database and finds the right person.

The module is designed to facilitate the work of the security forces and the quick search of the attackers.