In the Chamber of the US Congress have submitted two articles of impeachment trump

В Палате Конгресса США представили две статьи импичмента Трампа

In the Lower house of Congress submitted a project the prosecution of an American President Donald Trump in the abuse of power and obstructing the work of the American Parliament.

“Following our duty to serve the Constitution and the country, the legal Committee of the house of representatives is two articles of impeachment, accusing the President of the United States Donald trump in serious crimes and offences. No one, even the President is not above the law,” — said the Chairman of the legal Committee, Jerry Nadler.According to CBS News, trump is accused of abuse of power in connection with its business in Ukraine and obstruction of the work of the Congress because of his response to the initiation of a congressional investigation of US President.

It is noted that trump became the fourth President in U.S. history, against which prepared the draft charges in the context of impeachment. And probably it will be the third President who will be declared the impeachment in the House of representatives.

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