In the Czech Republic celebrated the 30th anniversary of the “Velvet revolution”

В Чехии торжественно отметили 30-летие «Бархатной революции»

Residents of the Czech Republic on Sunday marks the 30th anniversary of the “Velvet revolution”. A lot of people gathered in Central Prague to listen to concerts and performances marking the end of Communist rule.

The ceremony takes place the day after a quarter of a million people in the country took part in rallies against Prime Minister Andrew Babish and President Milos Zeman in connection with fears that the two policies undermine democracy in the country.

Both leaders tried to stay in the shade during festive events, although Babish morning visited the memorial erected on the spot where, in 1989, the police beat student demonstrators, what was the reason for the rise of protest against the totalitarian regime.

When, after a short visit Babish was faced with about a dozen protesters, the billionaire businessman took a non-confrontational tone.

“As you know, I was a member of the Communist party, said Babish, speaking later in the National Museum. I’m not proud of it.”

“Thank you to those of you who Express their opinion and who cares about the fate of the country in which we live, although we may disagree and we do disagree, he added. – But political opinions exist.”

Many came to the festivities with their families.

Rehabilitation of student marchers allowed people to hear the dissidents involved in the protests that led to the peaceful end of Communist rule in Czechoslovakia a few days after the fall of the Berlin wall and led to the rise of the writer – dissident Vaclav Havel.

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