In the Donetsk region ATO got kicked off the bus (VIDEO)

В Донецкой области участника АТО высадили из автобуса (ВИДЕО)

In Mariupol (Donetsk region). combatants were taken off the bus for ticketless travel. Atoshnik presented a certificate that gives the right to benefit, but the driver was adamant.

Jaroslav went to work on the bus from Yalta Mariupol. The fare is not paid. Filed the certificate of the participant of hostilities. But the driver refused to take. “The conductor came up and said pay, I said no money. Pay half, I said no money. Went to the driver and it through the interior, started to cry, I walked up to him, show this card. He said I’m not interested in, go out”, – said Yaroslav.

Today the driver of Gennady Melnyk is working on a city route. Waiting at the bus station had 4 hours. To the question why he dropped the Atoshnik, says the order of his superiors. “I learned from the authorities, as I do in this situation. That’s all. As I said the boss, so I did,” said the bus driver.

The representative of firm-a carrier denies this. Says, all drivers have warned that combatants go free. In both urban and intercity transport. “Be disciplined the driver. And, accordingly, will be interviewed with the drivers of suburban and urban routes. Will also be a briefing on the carriage of passengers privileged categories,” – assured the representative of the carrier Bogdan Kolomiets.

Such conflicts occur periodically in other cities of Ukraine. Atoshnik refused to take in the river, and in Chernigov.

The Department of social protection claim, to refuse fighting in free travel illegally. “Combatants have the privilege to free travel in all kinds of city passenger transport within the city. As well as commuter and intercity routes production of the certificate of the established sample”, – said the Deputy Director of the Department of social protection of the Mariupol city Council Irina Box.

Carriers believe such conflicts in transport will disappear when the government decides the issue of monetization or compensation benefits.

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