in the Dordogne, a kangaroo walks along a road

    in the Dordogne, a kangaroo walks along a road

    Usually, motorists in Dordogne are more used to encountering wild boars and deer on the roads of the department. Sunday, December 27, around 12:30 p.m., a couple from Périgord saw an unusual animal in the local fauna: a kangaroo.

    “At first, I thought it was a doe. I didn’t say anything to my girlfriend, she would have thought that I was crazy”, testifies Mickaël Barbier, author of three pictures relayed en masse on social networks.

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    The editorial team advises you

    “The animal was walking quietly on the road connecting Nontron to Lussas-et-Nontronneau, near the place called Le Grand Malibas in Saint-Martial-de-Valette”, specifies the animal photographer for one day.

    According to our information, the animal comes from a property in Saint-Martial-de-Valette. The gendarmes and the town hall have been warned.

    In the evening, the family of the owners, the police and even elected officials continued to look for the animal, very lively. He would have taken refuge in the forest.

    © Photo credit: Mickaël Barbier

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