In the face of adversity, the players of the Canadian crash

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
From the moment the Toronto Maple Leafs have found a gap and beat Charlie Lindgren for the first time of the evening, it all went downhill.

If he had the latitude, Claude Julien would have possibly asked his players to present themselves in Brossard on Sunday for a workout that wasn’t on the program. But collective agreement obliges — with its four days of leave imposed by month, it will have to wait for 24 hours to try to find solutions to the many problems that plague his team, and put them into practice.


Once again Saturday night, the head coach of the Montreal canadiens had to present in front of the journalists to explain why his troupe has miserably crushed after having played so well in a portion preceding a match.


The Canadian has dictated the tempo in the first half of the meeting and had a total of seven shots to goals after about five minutes of the game, but he is stopped by the goalkeeper Frederik Andersen.


From the moment the Toronto Maple Leafs have found a gap and beat Charlie Lindgren for the first time of the evening, midway in the middle period, it all went downhill.


Result : in front of all the hockey fans in the country, the Canadian has suffered another embarrassing defeat, this one by a score of 6-0.


If we exclude the disallowed goal with Andrew Shaw in the third period of the game against the Coyotes in Arizona last Thursday, it has now been four periods and dust than the Habs has not housed a puck behind a goalie rival.


“”Freddie” has been strong early in the game. We were not as competitive as them at the start. They were winning more battles and races for the puck. We managed to calm us down and we scored goals in a timely manner. The first was important, but the second has given us a margin for manoeuvre, ” said Mike Babcock.


In dissecting the words of the head coach of the Maple Leafs, should we conclude that as soon as the Canadian is lagging behind by two goals, the opponent can already breathe easier ? That his victory is in the bag ? That spectators at the Bell Centre can already think of returning home ? Those who watch the game on the small screen can immediately tune to another channel ?


These questions arise when we know that eight wins for the Habs this season, only one came after the team had fallen behind to two goals.


With the exception of that match, on November 4 in Winnipeg, never this season the Canadian has not even created equal in such circumstances.


However, the Coyotes have made the shot Thursday, en route to a win of 5-4.


If the worst team in the NHL is capable of, what is it that makes skaters like Max Pacioretty, Jonathan Drouin, Alex Galchenyuk, Brendan Gallagher and Shea Weber lose all their means in front of each two-goal deficit ?


If we rely on what he said after Saturday’s game, Julien believed in it even to the chances of his team during the second intermission. It took only 25 seconds from the Maple Leafs at the beginning of the third twenty to bring the score 3-0 and off his last hopes.


“After two periods, it was thought that by working to score this first goal, you could then take advantage of momentum, said Julien. But once again, we made a mistake on a base game, when in game.


“This is probably the most frustrating aspect at the moment, he is chained. It is absolutely necessary to reduce such blunders. We can’t play ten different ways, we are supposed to play only one way. “

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