In the Face of Marvel, super-heroes indonesian assault on the big screen

Face à Marvel, des super-héros indonésiens à l'assaut du grand écran

JAKARTA | While the superhero americans of Marvel’s past triumphs at the box office, Indonesia door to the screen his own team of superheroes, and dreams of conquering Hollywood surfing on the demand for a greater diversity of characters.

The first film of the series, Gundala, directed by filmmaker indonesian used for joko Anwar has filled the movie theaters in Indonesia and should be out soon in the United States.

A rich catalogue of over 500 comics in indonesia, the studio Bumilangit wants to create his own “universe film”, the image of that Marvel with a series of films featuring the superhero local.

“Gundala” is inspired by a COMIC book from 1969 in which a son of a labourer, poor acquires super powers after being struck by lightning. The super-hero in the helmet with wings fight the injustices and corruption, problems that undermine always the Indonesia of today.

“The stories that people are going to see in our films do not speak of aliens who attack the earth, by this that this is not our problem, we leave it to Hollywood,” says used for joko Anwar in an interview with the AFP.

“We treat those who are stifling our country, and the super powers come from our mythology,” notes the filmmaker, 44 years old, a great admirer of comics indonesia since his childhood.

Ancient mythology and current problems

The comics indonesian, long flourishing, have been supplanted in the 1980s by the characters of Marvel and other heroes import.

But the filmmakers indonesians are convinced that their new series, inspired by mythological themes from indonesia and the problems of today, will be a cardboard box. Not only in Indonesia, but, they hope, in the rest of the world.

Because of the recent success of the Black Panther, on the distribution of majority black, and Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman, with superhéroïnes in the foreground, show that the public of blockbusters is ripe for heroes, and the stories more varied.

Marvel, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney studios, working on his first film inspired by Shang-Chi, super-hero chinese comics Marvel 1970’s.

Thus, after Gundala, the second film in the series will be devoted to Sri Asih, a superhéroïne with the force of 250 men, at the head of a band of other superheroes. Reincarnation of a goddess, she wears a sarong and jewelry, and tiaras of the princesses javanese.

The film, inspired by a comic of 1954, must be directed by a woman, Upi Avianto.

In the pipes, there is also a film inspired by Mandala, a warrior armed with a machete that can destroy objects without touching them, and If Buta Dari Gua Hantu, a martial arts champion blind with his pet monkey.

“I didn’t know that you had all these superheroes in Indonesia Gundala”, recognizes Septian Dwi Putri, a cinephile.

“And I never imagined to see a real superhero movie indonesian with a good storyline. And special effects not bad”, said she.

Renaissance film indonesia

Until the crisis of the sars coronavirus, the movie industry of indonesia was in the midst of a renaissance after having hit bottom in the 1990s when all local production is stopped.

With a population of 260 million inhabitants increasingly attracted by the cinema, the theatres have recorded 50 million entries in the last year.

But the blockbusters remain the locomotive of the sector and the local filmmakers are struggling to measure up to Hollywood.

Gundala was shot in 52 days and cost approximately two million dollars. A tiny budget compared to the last production of 350 million dollars to Marvel, Avengers: Endgame.

The films of the superhero “are very difficult to make it has limitations of budget and human resources,” says used for joko Anwar.

Gundala has, however, recorded revenue of US $ 4.7 million in Indonesia alone, more than double its production budget.

The superhero indonesians are now facing a new invisible enemy, the COVID-19, which as in many other countries has crippled the production of films and forced movie theaters to close.

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