In the Face of Trump, the republican Romney is trying the breakaway solitaire

Face à Trump, le républicain Romney tente l’échappée solitaire

WASHINGTON | He expected to be ” strongly denounced “, it did not take long. By voting in favour of the impeachment of Donald Trump, the republican senator Mitt Romney drew the ire of the american president, with whom he maintained a relationship to be ambiguous.

“The president is guilty of a horrible breach of trust “, an “aggression flagrant” against our values: the parliamentary moderate of Utah did not mince words Wednesday in explaining why “his faith” mormon forced to move out of the ranks of the republicans.

Never in the history of the United States a senator had voted to impeach a president of his own party or in 1868 during the trial of Andrew Johnson or in 1999 during that of Bill Clinton.

The decision of Mitt Romney, “the most difficult” he has ever had to make, has not changed the outcome of the trial, but was a little spoiled the party for Donald Trump who would have liked to be able to display the unity of his majority.

The host of the White House has not let the affront. “I don’t like people who use their faith to justify their evil actions “, he slipped on Thursday during a breakfast prayer.

The offense is all the more significant that Mitt Romney is not a light weight in the party: in 2012, this republican good complexion, tone, and positions, a moderate, had worn the colors republican in the face of Barack Obama, without success.

On Twitter, Donald Trump was quick to recall this defeat, while pushing a video in which Mitt Romney is considered ” bland, fleeing, sneaky “. “He tried to infiltrate the administration Trump as secretary of State, but coverage has fallen “, said a voice out of the field.

“Stupid pretentious”

Indeed, if the former Massachusetts governor has consistently pushed back against Donald Trump, he has also proven to be laudatory.

In 2016, at the time of forming his government, Donald Trump had received on two occasions to discuss the position of chief of the american diplomacy.

Mitt Romney, who had qualified the candidate of the “impostor” and “imposter” during the campaign, had gone to Canossa in front of the cameras, before being rejected in favour of the CEO of ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson… that Donald Trump had just meet.

The suite has the air of a roller coaster. “I support much of what the president has done, I voted with him 80% of the time “, stressed Wednesday Mitt Romney.

But in the fall, the president had called “a moron pretentious” after he had expressed his “disorder extreme” in the face of the telephone call at which Donald Trump has asked his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate his rival, democrat Joe Biden.

Mitt Romney had then made discreet, ensuring the newspaper the Salt Lake Tribune have relations “cordial and cooperative” with the impetuous billionaire.


Elected in 2018 in the State of Utah, acquired by the republicans, his term runs until January 1, 2025. Aged 72 years, a multimillionaire who made his fortune at the head of an investment fund has clearly said not to feed ambition for the presidency and his solitary retreat is not expected to have impact on the end of his career.

But there are likely to wipe away many vexations. The president’s son, Donald Trump Junior, has been called the Grand Old Party to exclude a convention of conservatives has made it known that he would not be invited to its annual meeting, and even in Utah, the sling is lifted.

The local councillor, Tim Quinn has recently introduced a bill to allow voters to recall their senators. He said they had received many calls and e-mails of support after the vote to Mitt Romney.

Conversely, his “courage” was praised by the democrats. “While many people wondered if there was honor in public life, Mitt Romney has raised “, has tweeted senator Chris Murphy.

Because they have managed to enter the White House, Mr. Romney may have found a way to leave its mark. “We are all, at best, footnotes in the annals of History,” he said on Wednesday. “But in the most powerful country in the world, the Nation that has created freedom and justice, this distinction should be enough for any citizen “.

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