In the footsteps of direct line with Putin: officials have begun to address problems of residents

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Russian Federation


No message will be ignored. The regional authority will review all appeals of citizens “Direct line with Vladimir Putin” – only they received more than two million. Immediately after the program, Governor of Nizhny Novgorod, Gleb Nikitin held a meeting of the local government and gave to officials instructions for each question. And many problems were solved during the live broadcast. Details – the correspondent of “MIR 24” Anna Derkach.

Behind Ksenia Bessonova high-rise buildings and a large vacant lot. Microdistrict “solar” for 40 years and was not comfortable for the residents of sun valley. All Krasnoyarsk have the highest fertility and the longest queues in schools and kindergartens. The last municipal piece of land and he gave it up to another construction.

“This is a clear omission of those who made the decision. At the local and regional level. Even regional is not to blame, it’s a local decision”, – commented the President.

Governor Alexander USS, who seems to be completely innocent, all the while listening carefully. And then we came to the same neighborhood with the mayor of the city and a detailed map of the area.

“Beautiful neighborhood you can make, Alexander. There’s the black earth that you see – the lot is so big between the houses? We just released the place as a school and a kindergarten.

Mayor Sergey Eremin swore and even swore: the project of social facilities already there, residents can speak for him did not.

But the Park, which is also requested Xenia, the project was not. But its residents will give. However, it will have to cut off a piece of land from a nearby municipality. But it doesn’t matter. Agree.

“Here we, here right up to the building make a normal Park. I think these people earned in the previous period this wild development of normal human conditions,” – said the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS.

Park will begin next year. Until the spring will prepare a draft and discuss with the residents. And now for sure without any cheat, promised by the Governor. For this it is accountable to the people and the President.

Recall that “Direct line with Vladimir Putin” was last Thursday, four hours and 16 minutes, during this time, the President managed to answer 75 questions.