In the forests of Laos found the ancient “jugs of the dead”

В лесах Лаоса нашли древние «кувшины мертвых»

In the forest area of South-East Asia have discovered a huge cluster of giant ancient jars in which the local tribes were thrown the bodies of the dead.

All archaeologists have discovered about 130 places where preserved ritual artifacts, reports

Each jug weighs several tons. But, as studies have shown, they moved on a few kilometers from the place of manufacture to the burials in the woods.

“What is our life? Game!”В лесах Лаоса нашли древние «кувшины мертвых»“World mind games”: the premiere of “World” As in the case with Stonehenge and the statues of Easter island, scientists still can’t determine how to conduct the transport of such solid products.

The first known pitchers were found by the French colonialists in the desolate mountains of Northern Laos back in the 1930-ies.

They were made of thick Sandstone and granite, the size of some reached three meters in height.

Most pitchers have dated the era of the iron age between 500 BC and 500 ad

Historians disagree about the true purpose of these artifacts. Some of them preserved human skeletons, but not all were used for burials.

According to research, they were originally closed wooden or rattan covers, which to date is completely decayed.

Recently, a group of Australian researchers found 137 pitchers in 15 new locations throughout Laos.

They were ancient and others were located far away from the stone fields, where, probably, they were manufactured.

Most scientists puzzled by the fact that there is not preserved the slightest traces of human settlements.

But they managed to find near the megaliths of the stone disks with intricate carvings, probably funerary signs. They were shown the concentric circles, figures of people and animals.

In addition, there are typical artifacts of the iron age (ceramics, glass beads, iron tools, earrings) and the clay jugs that looked like stone, but in a much smaller size.

Scientists noted that similar burial tradition existed in ancient times in Assam (India) and Sulawesi (Indonesia), and should examine possible cultural connection between these disparate regions in prehistoric times.

Interestingly, local residents do not agree with historians on the question of the purpose of the jars. According to legend, they were brought to the forest giants, who defeated the enemy and drank there wine while a triumphant feast.

Previously, scientists have found the origin of the ancient European megaliths – they were family graves.