In the French city dogs are forbidden to bark

This decision became the cause of criticism of Peta.

У французькому місті собакам заборонили гавкати

In the French city of FC courier (a commune in the Oise Department in Northern France) has imposed a ban on prolonged barking of dogs, the owners, violators will have to pay 68 euros (2000 UAH), informs Rus.Media.

The new rules provide that the owners can not leave their animal in a closed room unattended as this causes them to bark. The document notes that the dog owner needs at any time to stop prolonged or repeated barking of your pet.

The ban was introduced by the mayor (Jean-Pierre Etienne) and approved by the city Council. The ban was imposed because of the dogs, which, according to the mayor, barked in day and night, making the lives of local residents unbearable.”

“The goal is not to ban dogs and we will not penalize people for the slightest hint of a bark. The city is not against dogs, but when you get them, you must take care of their training. If I made this decision, because we found no other exit. I could not sit idly by,” said the mayor.

Animal rights activists have criticized the ban.

“With the same success it is possible to ban the ringing of Church bells on Sundays. […] The mouth details of the dogs below to bark,” said one of the activists.

Themselves penalties will be to write to people on the basis of complaints, who will be able to give the law enforcement the residents of the city. Advocates hope the court to revoke this decision.