In the Himalayas killed climber Bulgarian

In the Himalayas killed Bulgarian climber Ivan Volumes. According to B, the athlete reached the summit, but the road to the camp he felt bad. Despite medical assistance, the 35-year-old athlete died.

Volumes rose to the fourth highest peak in the world – Lhotse, whose height is 8516 meters, together with Russian Anastasia Runaway. Climbing he managed to do without oxygen and assistance.

Earlier, the climber successfully conquered broad Peak with a height of 8051 m and a height of Manaslu 8156 m.

It became known yesterday about the death in the Himalayas two climbers from India. They tried to conquer the mountain Kangchenjunga is the third highest eight thousander in the world. The Indians, 48-year-old Biplab Baidu and 46-year-old Kuntala the Karara, became ill on the outskirts of the top. They do not have time to pull the nearest camp to take them to the hospital.