In the incident with Boeing in the United States suffered more than 20 people

PHOTO : Vladimir Sviatenko (“Mir”) / Author not known


At the airport of the American city of Jacksonville, Boeing 737 while landing do not have time to brake and fell into the river, according to “WORLD 24”. Injured 21 people.

First pictures of the ship disaster published by the police. In the place where landed the Boeing, a small depth. Because of this he has not gone under the water.

It is known that the airliner flew from the us base of Guantanamo, located in Cuba. According to her, on Board were seven crew members and 136 passengers, including military members and their families.

All the injured were taken to the hospital. Now there are rescuers and firefighters. They ensure that fuel is not spilled in the river.

Boeing said that about the incident and know now collect information about the incident.