In the Internet appeared the first in 35 years the common picture of ABBA

In the Internet appeared the first 35 years of joint photograph of the band ABBA. Picture posted to Instagram Jorel Hanser is a Manager of the legendary Quartet.

Vocalist Frida and Agnetha photographed in the Stockholm Studio RMV Studio behind the glass during the recording of the song. Benny and Bjorn at this time are behind the sound console. Hansen mentioned that the band is working on two new tracks — “Don’t Shut Me Down” and “I Still Have Faith In You”. The team is preparing a world tour, but instead of the artists on the stage will be a digital copy or “arbitary”.

The Manager also noted that singers had to go to vocal coaches, because over the years their voices have not improved.

In Stockholm ABBA spent 5 days working on songs a lot. To date, the vocals are completely recorded and is processed, as well as recording tools. Completely ready to release songs in December.

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