In the Irkutsk region because of the flooding remained without electricity for 30 thousand people

В Иркутской области из-за паводка без света остались 30 тыс. человек

In Irkutsk region there are problems with electricity. The number of inhabitants of the region left without light because of the flooding, according to the latest data, is 29.7 thousand persons, informs “Interfax” with reference to the Ministry of energy.

Most affected consumers attached to state enterprises Oblkommunenergo and “Irkutsk electric grid company”. The largest number is disconnected from the world of people is in towns Tulun district.

It is noted that the total power of customers out of power is 7 MW.

According to 2:00 MSK on June 30, in 53 settlements of the Irkutsk region flooded four thousand 197 houses. They are home to 10 thousand 415 people. Under water there are five districts in the region: Nizhneudinsk, Taishet, Tulun, Chunskiy and Zima. There came from the banks of the left tributaries of the Angara river: the major rivers UDA, Biryusa, Ia, Chung and Time.