In the Irkutsk region have begun to eliminate the consequences of floods

PHOTO : TASS / Shipitsin Cyril


More than 40 towns and villages in the Irkutsk region remain without electricity after heavy flooding. Only in the disaster area – about 30 thousand inhabitants. The flood-affected have already received 200 tons of humanitarian aid. With details – the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Anna Purpura.

Early in the morning there was water. Now the bulldozers from the rubble of the houses was right on the highway. Flood in Irkutsk is on the decline, and the survivors of the disaster will be a new challenge – to say goodbye to those that took element.

“For so many years to work and in a moment be left without anything. All were there,” – said a resident of Irkutsk.

For many, home is at the school gym. One of the rooms turned into dining room. And in the locker room victims be given suhpaek, which need to stand in long queue. Those who managed to escape from the water on the car, right into them and live.

Just from dangerous areas were evacuated more than two and a half thousand people. Rescuers shuttled on boats. On the banks of the victims met the locals. Many helped rescuers the whole day. After all this grief for them.

The victims of this flood is 16, another 13 people are still looking for lifeguards. And two hundred injured are in hospitals. Humanitarian assistance in the disaster area goes daily. In the Irkutsk region has deployed tankers to supply drinking water. Early in the morning from the suburbs, flew troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection. They have to conduct sanitization of the flooded places.

“Currently, restored movement, and this will connect the Irkutsk and Sochi, to ensure the passage of humanitarian aid, road vehicles for clearing of debris. However, transit traffic is not” – said the head of Department of operation of highways and road constructions of fku uprdor “Baikal” Victor Ciskowski.

Establish and electricity. For three days in the affected areas of the Irkutsk region promise to give light. Without electricity there are still more than 40 towns and villages.

Last week because of the rains, several rivers in the Irkutsk region came from the banks. The water level in them went up, where seven, and where and by 12 meters. Inundated six districts: Nizhneudinsk, Taishet, Tulun, Nizhneudinsk, Zima and Kuitun.

The city of Tulun is one of the most affected by the disaster. The water is concealed first floor mnogoetazhek. And cottages flows were taken one after the other.

Now, the peak of the flood passed, but to eliminate the consequences will have a long time. Good news come from the forecasts in the coming days, rains in the region will not.