In the Kirov region in “hot” line for the transition to digital TV received more than 5,400 calls

В Кировской области на «горячую» линию по переходу на цифровое ТВ поступило более 5400 звонков

More than 5,400 calls were received at the regional “hot line” from inhabitants of the Kirov region about the transition to digital television, according to the official website of the government of the region.

Kirov oblast switched to digital TV on April 15. For a comfortable transition of the Ministry of information technologies and communication of the Kirov region organized a regional “hot line”. Residents could learn about the field of selling equipment for digital signal, consult on compensation and call for volunteers.

“Since the beginning of work of “hot line” has received more than 5,400 calls. Most of the questions were related to the procedure for the submission of applications to the help of volunteers,” – quoted the Minister of information technologies and communication of the Kirov region Yury Palych.

On the website it clarifies that digital volunteers were 600 students who previously attended the training. They help people in connecting equipment to receive digital TV. Since March 15, volunteers worked more than 2000 applications.

Earlier, the Ministry of digital development, communications and mass communications (Ministry of communications) provided an updated plan for switch-off of analogue broadcasting of Federal TV channels in Russia. In the third stage, turning off “analog” will happen on June 3 in 36 regions of the country, and the fourth – October 14 – 21 in the subject.